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Stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is our produce/fruit and nut box program. Click on CSA FAQ’s or CSA Order Form above!


Welcome to Morning Song Farm's home page.. Our farm is the culmination of a life dream, although a heck of a lot more work than the dream version of farming... We searched tirelessly for the perfect site to fulfill our vision of a diversified, sustainable, organic farm and found it here.

In the northernmost community of San Diego County, the tiny, rural, unincorporated town of Rainbow is unknown even to most San Diegans. Moderated by ocean breezes and enjoying Southern California's subtropical climate, our CCOF Certified Organic Farm produces a wide variety of subtropical fruits.

Morning Song Farm is a CSA program; that's: Community Supported Agriculture program. We grow a variety of common and unusual subtropical fruits, as well as an amazing array of wonderful vegetables. Each week we deliver baskets of our fantastic produce to subscribers in Riverside, San Diego and Orange counties, California. Currently, we are not selling anything from our farm on a retail basis, outside of our CSA program. They're keeping us busy!

We grow an amazing assortment of row crops; focusing on our heirloom seed heritage. Lettuces, beets, swiss chard, herbs, tomatoes, chilies, beans, garlic, carrots, and more!

We grow a lot of macadamias; and husk,  shell, sort and package raw, organic macadamias. If you've never enjoyed raw macadamias that have just been freshly cracked out (rather than fried in coconut oil, salted, and stored for who knows how long) you really must try ours!

We also grow Reed, Pinkerton, Bacon, Toro Canyon, Zutano and Hass avocados, Bearss limes, Satsuma mandarins, Nagami kumquats, Asian pears, Ollieberrie blackberries, Boysenberries, Fioja guavas, and several varieties of Figs. He have a few Pakastani lemon trees, Valencia, Navel and Moro Blood  oranges, and assorted grapefruit. We have even fewer citrons, apples, peaches, apricots, plums, pommegranites,  and an unnamed tiny pink fig whose harvest rarely makes it past family and friends.

We're experimenting with passionfruit, loquats,  and stevia. We've recently planted Tarocco Blood Orange, more Okitsu Wase Satsumas, Gold Nugget, Pixie, and Kishu Mandarins; Kaffir Lime, Buddah's Fingered Citron, Yuzu and Cara Cara Navel.

Also Dragon Fruit, Himylayan and Pakistani mulberries.

 We have a small herd of beautiful llamas that contribute daily to our compost pile and soil fertility. And new in 2011: 4 beautiful Nigerian dairy goats that are making their contributions as well!

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CCOF Certified Organic